OpenGL Resolution

This is a simple OpenGL app that displays the screen resolution (m x n grid of pixels) and the screen dimension in millimeters.


The implementation is very simple. We use glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH) to get the screen width in pixels and glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT) to get the screen height. To get the width and height in millimeters, we use glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH_MM) and glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT_MM) consecutively. This would even tell us the width and height of a single pixel in millimeters. For example, pixel width in millimeters is equal to screen width in millimeters divided by the screen width in pixels. Same can be done for the height.

//  Draw string representing the resolution of your screen
void drawResolutionStr ()
    glColor3f (0, 0, 1);

    printw (20, 20, 0,
            "Resolution: %d x %d pixels, %d x %d mm",
            glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH), glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT),
            glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH_MM), glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT_MM));

    glColor3f (1, 0, 0);

    printw (20, 45, 0,
            "Pixel Dimensions: %.4f x %.4f mm",
            (float)glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH_MM) / glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_WIDTH),
            (float)glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT_MM) / glutGet (GLUT_SCREEN_HEIGHT));

You can find the full source code on my GitHub page. If you have any issues compiling or running the app, check out this blog post for details about compiling and running an OpenGL app that uses the GLUT library.


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