GLUT Subwindow Template

I have written an article on CodeProject that describes in detail how to set up your first OpenGL GLUT window with multiple sub-windows, and provides you with a template for your OpenGL applications. It can be used in the following ways:

  • Understand GLUT sub-windows
  • Learn new GLUT event handlers
  • Use the code as template if you ever needed a Graphics program with multiple sub-windows


Make sure you read the Visual C++ 2015 section in the article to avoid any issues in running the program.

Check it out, and let me know if you find it useful.

Ali B


2 thoughts on “GLUT Subwindow Template

  1. Hey Ali,I Liked your multiple subwindow totorial,I altered it so I can change the size of the subwindows with the mouse sort of like a split window. I am building my own GUI toolkit from scratch but I don’t seem to be able to get focus
    on the GUI objects with the glut passive mouse if they are in a multiple subwindow setup. Do you know how to do that?
    A tutorial on something like that (with an example program)would be great. Also a tutorial on us using gl selection mechanism to heirarchial picking on points,lines & polygons in 3d(with a good example program).I am also building a 3d modeler/editor. Much Thanks, Jody Bush

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